Leucojum vernum

Leucojum vernum, Amaryllidaceae, leucine (alkaloid)
Leucojum vernum, Amaryllidaceae, leucine (alkaloid)Leucojum vernum, Amaryllidaceae, leucine (alkaloid)Leucojum vernum, Amaryllidaceae, leucine (alkaloid)Leucojum vernum, Amaryllidaceae, leucine (alkaloid)Leucojum vernum, Amaryllidaceae, leucine (alkaloid)Leucojum vernum, Amaryllidaceae, leucine (alkaloid)
Botanical Nomenclature Leucojum vernum
Common Name Spring Snowflake
Taxonomy- Family Amaryllidaceae
Distinguishing Features of the Plant Leucojum vernum is a perennial, herbaceous plant growing from 15 to 25cm, with green, linear, semi-cylindrical leaves and small, white, bell-shaped flowers with green edge. The flowering lasts from March to April, while sometimes also happens in winter.
Region Found Ioannina (Lake Pamvotis)
Part of the Plant with Active Substances Bulb
Active Substances leucine (alkaloid)
Pharmacological Effects - Therapeutic Applications The herbal tea has cardio and emetic properties. Currently, several are conducted to prove plant's antiretroviral action, achieved at low doses and attributed to its high content in alkaloids. Recent studies have shown that the alkaloids contained in bulbs have high anti-retroviral activity especially against HIV-1 virus.
Method of Administration In folk medicine the plant is administered as cardio and emetic in the form of herbal tea (one or two spoons of dried herb in a cup of boiled water, 2-3 times a day). Its use is limited nowadays.
Warning: The use of herb preparations is not recommended without seeking advice from your physician or pharmacist. The substances they contain may interact with the subscribed drugs that the patient already takes, thus eliminating their therapeutic efficacy or inducing toxicity. They may also burden further weakened vital functions of the body thus exposing the patient to increased morbidity and life threatened conditions.
Toxicity- Adverse Effects No side effects have been reported.
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